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Force5 makes it fast and easy to communicate your marine inspection results:


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Multi-User Software Policy: Don’t pay for using Force5 on multiple computers. Never pay per survey! Install and use, on as many computers, tablets, or laptops under your company activation as you want, even if you hire someone to work for you they can use Force5 on their devices registered to your business location.

2 Devices Only

Going Mobile: Force5's New Android data acquisition application called SmartNotes. To complete your survey while on the vessel you can complete the entire survey on SmartNotes if you wish or easily transfer it to a desktop at the office where you have all your research materials and multiple large monitors etc.

Mobile users on Windows tablets can run the full Force5 program and use all the features of the full version of Force5 on any Windows tablet or Ultrabook at no extra license fee.  Combined with using the built in features of voice to text dictation or use Windows voice to text dictation, and touch screen features hand writing, or Virtual keyboard. 

No Partial Mobile Functions

Individualize The Report: Insert company logo or letter head to the cover of the report. You can also customize the report documents fonts and typefaces, as well as text color, and print in condensed or full-size report format without changing the report content by just a push of the print button. It automatically adds the boat name, company name and address to the bottom of every page.

Just Press Print: Let Force5 automatically do one of the most time consuming tasks in preparing large complex multi-page and multi-section documents... Page Formatting. Force5 does all the document formatting automatically for you. Just press print, don’t worry about page formatting or building sections of the report, Table of Contents, page numbering, widows and orphans, correlating and indexing, Findings and Recommendations section, Summary Valuation sections, Cover Page and Photos. All this goes into making one of the most highly praised and imitated report formats in the marine surveying industry. Designed and built by our programmers, surveyors, and improved by our customers over the last 24 years. In 1997 SAMS modeled their “Recommended Survey Report Content” based on Force5.
No Automatic Formatting
Don’t Forget! Use our Check List: Customizable Surveyors notes document: Take this comprehensive checklist document to the boat: Take it to the boat, fill it out and transcribe it back to the program in the office. It helps keep you on track, so you don’t forget to address anything. Force 5 even shows your suggested text from your pre-written custom Item Choices. Or, use SmartNotes on your Android tablet or phone instead.
No Custom Survey Specific List
Multiple Photo Sections: Put Pictures all in one section in the back of the report or where they enhance descriptions in the systems section of the report under the appropriate heading in the system section. Our customers tell us they use pictures of anomalies and pictures that enhance specific descriptions in the system section and use overview pictures such as interior accommodations and overall in the back section of the marine survey report. Scan and add hull number rubbing to any photo section!
8 Survey Templates Included in Force5: Full pre-purchase power and sail template , reinsurance, c&v power and sail template, commercial fish vessel template (inspected vessels) and power & sail, damage/claims power and sail template... the Force5 user can make his own custom templates based on any of the embedded default templates to further enhance and speed up his reporting time. A very powerful feature of Force5. Select between two presentation modes, Full & Condensed mode. Get fast and easy Convert Surveys and customize templates with the all new Template Wizard. See the instructional New Video for making templates in the Tutorial Help section.
No, not to this level of detail, simplicity and flexibility
Item Choices: Reuse and remember what you write, speed up reporting and keep you from having to re-author common descriptions or anomalies. Don’t waste your time or experience to re-write the same descriptions or recommendations over and over. You will appreciate being able to recall description text and re-use verbatim or just have to change a few key words instead of having to re-author or copy over and old survey (risky habit) just to speed up report production. There are over 500 sample item choices in the program to help get you started. This is one of the most powerful and time saving features in Force5. Note: The program saves the item choices from the master templates you choose, in order to make your custom report templates ready to use in your new custom template.
No, not to this level of detail, simplicity and flexibility
Force5 Has Portable Survey Files: With Force5 and it’s single survey based design, you can start a survey on a mobile device and email or transfer it to another computer running Force5, with a flash-drive or memory card. You can email or copy the digital survey to another home office or to a co-worker on another computer using Force5.
Force5 BACKUP : Built in data protection in Force5: It has two built in user controlled backup options.  One (1) is a survey-by-survey backup, Force5 asks you to Backup every time before you close out of a survey you are editing. If you choose to say yes it takes less than 3 seconds to complete the backup to the default backup folder on the local computer. Two (2) backup option, Backup All, is designed to backup all Force5 data in one easy step. All surveys, templates, Item Choice files, PDF files etc. can be backed up to local computer or move them to cloud, an external storage device, or to synchronize to another computing device, tablet, laptop etc. This kind of archive backup protects you from the devastating hard drive crash or a data eating virus just to mention two devastating possibilities. I recently helped the SAMS Southeast regional director back up his 15 years and over a 1000 surveys done on force5 to a DVD disk. We used the easy to use Force5 program “Backup All” designed to archive or backup to an off the computer storage target i.e. cloud, external hard drive, flash drive, CD/DVD or synchronize to another computer. Please review the backup videos on your computer or our website.
Help And Learn: Easily learn these tasks and all other features by talking to one of our Force5 trained and Microsoft Certified support team. If you have an internet connection we can remotely access your computer and help.


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