Force 5 Marine Survey Report Software

Sample Survey Reports

In the age of e-mail we now have customers who choose to use the full report for everything. However, we also have a large percentage of customers who use the condensed report for everything.  It's totally your choice, the printed form does not alter the survey content at all. Merely mix-and-match these formats at will.

Many thanks to:
Captain Douglass Birely
Birely Marine Services Inc.
1063 S.W. Blue Water Way
Stuart, FL 34997
(772) 781-9068 - Cell (954) 646-7219
For providing sample surveys.


Full Report

The look and feel of the full-size printed report is luxurious, featuring white space between lines, larger text size of 12 points on the headings and descriptions are on different lines.This report is generally printed and delivered as a pre-purchase survey to the customer.

Condensed Report

The condensed report however, is more of an all business less frills look. The headings and descriptions are on one line. The font sizes are smaller which reduces the printed size of the report to just about half the size of the full one, generally to be sent to an underwriter or used for reinsurance C&V type surveys.