Force 5 Marine Survey Report Software


Copy Survey Wizard

"Excellent! I have been wanting that feature for years.  For instance I have over 400 Hatteras surveys in my database.  Every time I type over an old survey, I have to proof it very closely to make sure no old Recs are in there."

Richard J Schiehl, NAMS-CMS, SAMS-AMS,


"Just wanted to thank you for your help with my Force 5 Program. I have been using this program now for 15 years, and have always found it to be a useful tool in creating my surveys for my business here in Lake Powell Utah. My clients and the insurance companies I work with love the format, and appreciate  the simplicity in helping to show all findings and recommendations. I would also like to compliment the customer service staff. You and your company have always been great helping with any problems or questions that have occurred, and I appreciate how quick you have helped and have found most of the issues have been from me, not the program, but you and your staff are always kind even if it has been my mistake, and this is much appreciated. Thanks once again for your great program. It has helped in my business now for 15 years and counting!"

Jeff Welker
Advanced Marine Surveys
Lake Powell Utah


"I do love my Smartnotes, it has saved me many hours of time. I have shaved an average of 2 hours a night in typing my report and it is getting better every day. Took a while to get used to it, I started out on small outboard center consoles before I started using if for the big stuff. Use it every day now and love it. Would say I have surveyed 50 boats now with it. Thanks."

Jon Bradford
JB1 Marine Survey LLC
Sams  AMS Surveyor #1252
ABYC Certified


"I've been a F5 user since the beginning of my career and have always had the best service from you and your staff.  If I ever have a question or matter needing attention, I know who to call. Well done!"

Capt. Scott D. Schoeler, SAMS, AMS

Save Time

"I want to thank you for saving me once again! You know that I began using Force 5 at Chapman’s and have used it ever since. The first few months using the software was difficult.  Not because the program is very hard, it was I had little computer experience beyond emails.  But I need to say you were always there to fix it and teach me what went wrong.

I began with the Force5 software because I had no idea how to use a word program and put in pictures. The depth of information and the organization that the program gave me was a great relief.  I can now produce a survey with pictures within 2 – 2.5 hours on most vessels under 40 feet. The resulting overall constancy of the surveys whether power or sail is wonderful. The finished product brings a level of excellence, following the format of the program. This reduces the stress of information gathering and reporting. I can do the survey and complete all the paper work in one day. This has been a great business builder for me and has made possible 4-5 surveys a week, 90% which are referral.

I have looked into other programs that may allow me to do work on site. My personal preference was to finish in the quiet of my office, where all my books and reference material is."

Capt. Carl B. Carnevale AMS #1164


"Thanks for the recent update. I downloaded it the other day and wrote a report yesterday. The new photo format worked great. Makes it much simpler.  Thanks again!"

Buddy Williams _______________________________________________________________

Report Format

"I have been using Force 5 Marine Survey Report Software for over ten years. I have been extremely satisfied with the program and have had many comments from my clients as to how professional my reports are. Over the years, on occasion I have browsed through other surveyors reports but none I have seen compare with Force 5."

Brian Galley AMS # 529.


"After a client gave this survey report to his insurance company, (Allstate) I received a call from them, requesting my resume. They sent a letter to all their local agents, letting them know that my services were available. An (Allstate agent said that this was the kind of report that they had been looking for."

WF, Staten Island, NY

Comment by insurance executive

"If I ever go independent, I'll probably plagiarize your format."

Kim, CIGNA Loss Control

Millennium Version

"I bought Force 5 v6.7 in 2000 and have used it for Condition and Value (C&V) Surveys ever since. I was attracted to it by the ability to print a set of Surveyor's Notes to take on the inspection and by the feature which allowed me to save commonly used phrases for reuse so that I would not have to constantly re-type them. The program was adequate for my needs but did have some shortcomings.

The new Millennium version that I purchased in January 2009 proved to be greatly improved over the original. I can now edit the headings and reorganize the format of the report. The new version supports long file names and has a vastly improved spell checker. It also allows backup when saving. I can also email surveys as .pdf files, add a scanned signature and edit photo pages.
Still on my wish list: add color to text, add a report date to each page ."

James Curry, SAMS AMS

Underwriter comment

"...I have never seen such a detailed and complete survey come into our office for any yacht. I will be sure to send people your way...".

AWF, Stillwater, MN

Report Format

"I've worked with these insurance companies for fifteen years and since Force 5 I keep getting calls saying how much they love my reports."

MS, Jacksonville, FL

Chapman School Survey School Director 

"In my ten years as a marine surveyor, including three running the survey program at the Chapman School, I have had occasion to review hundreds of survey reports. There are good comprehensive reports and then there are the rest. Whatever the surveyor finds in his inspection of the vessel, if it isn't properly reported, it didn't happen. A surveyor IS his report and his report software is his most important tool. I've used Force 5 from Day One of my practice and remain pleased with the utility and efficiency of the program. After reviewing the various other report programs that have popped up over the years, Force 5 continues to be the standard to which the others aspire. I continue to recommend Force 5 without reservation."

Richard H. Foster, AMS


"I just wanted to tell you thanks for all your support. I appreciate that you return all my calls even on weekends and evenings. You were very helpful in answer all my questions, even the small ones. My season is just starting and I have everything in place and ready to go. So far the program is working very well and I really like all the new features. Thanks for updating the program. It is going to make my work faster."

Billie Streelman, Desert Marine Surveys, Lake Powell Arizona/Utah

Report Format

"My clients always praise the integrity and professionalism of my report. I know the growth of my business is a direct relationship to following the Chapman example."

MEB, Dallas, TX


"Force 5 is great! I will never go back to the old way of putting out my reports."

MMA, Tequesta, FL